June 23rd - July 1st, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK

Derby Champion Videos

  • Level 4 Open Champions
    Shesouttayourleague & Casey L Deary
  • Level 4 Non Pro Champions
    Hollywood Starburst & Mandy McCutcheon

Open Leader Videos

  • ARC Gunnabeabigstar & Jordan Larson
    Open Derby First Go Section 1

  • Oops Itsa Spooks & Gabriel B Diano
    Open Derby First Go Section 1

  • Heavy Duty Chex & Casy L Deary
    Open Derby First Go Section 1

  • Electro Star & Jimmy Van Der Hoeven
    Open Derby First Go Section 1

  • Chic Dreamin & Andrea Fappani
    Open Derby First Go Section 2

  • Shesouttayourleague & Casey L Deary
    L4 Open Derby Finals

  • Magnums Guns R Reddy & Dany Tremblay
    L3 Open Derby Finals (tie)

  • Ruf Lil Magnum & Thiago Boechat
    L3 Open Derby Finals (tie)

  • CBK Spooks Got Cash & Bobby Avila Jr
    L2 Open Derby Finals

  • Shina Gun & Barak Gibori
    L1 Open Derby Finals

  • Hang Ten And Shine & Martin Larcombe
    Prime Time Open

Non Pro Leader Videos

  • Fancy Steppin Whiz & David McBurney
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 1st Section

  • Heavy Duty Chex & Sarah Lynn Locker
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 1st Section

  • Spooks N Jewels & Tish S Fappani
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 1st Section

  • Mega Maggie Mae & William Rhoads
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 2nd Section

  • Snip O Lution & Gina Schumacher
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 2nd Section

  • Hollywood Starburst & Mandy McCutcheon
    Non Pro Derby 1st Go 2nd Section

  • Chics Main Attraction & Greg L Hall
    Prime Time NP

  • Hollywood Starburst & Mandy McCutcheon
    L4 Non Pro Derby Finals

  • Gun N For Glory & Stephanie Gripp
    L3 Non Pro Derby Finals
    L2 Non Pro Derby Finals
    L1 Non Pro Derby Finals
    Youth Non Pro Derby Finals

  • Snoop Around & Michael Garnett
    Prime Time Non Pro Derby Finals
    Masters Non Pro Derby Finals

Ancillary Leader Videos

  • Dunit In Wranglers & Melissa Wigen
    Non Pro

  • Thata Shiner & Adam Donahue
    Intermediate Non Pro

  • Smart Dundee & Cathy Brant
    Limited Non Pro

  • Gunners Genes & Ann Ann Admonius
    Prime Time Non Pro

  • Xtra Dun Right & Nathan Piper
    Novice Horse Open 1&2

  • Chics Love Me Wimpy & Josh Tishman
    Limited Open & Rookie Professional

  • Spook N Sparkle & Shauna Larcombe
    Intermediate Open

  • Ruff Spook & Mirjam Stillo
    CRI3* (tie)

  • Who Dat Hot Chic
    Casey Deary
    Open, USA Open, CRI3* (tie)

  • Lil Jac N Gin & Blair McFarlin
    Novice Horse Non Pro L1

  • Chics Mainattraction & Greg L Hall
    Novice Horse Non Pro L2

  • Jerrys Mizzen Money & Ashley Stroh
    Limited Open & Rookie Pro

  • Shiners Chic & Shauna Larcombe
    Intermediate Open

  • Gunner Be A Maverick & Matthew Palmer
    Novice Horse Open L1

  • Misters Temptress & Dany Tremblay
    Novice Horse Open L2 (tie)

  • Cielo Dreaming & Brian Welman
    Novice Horse Open L2 (tie)

  • Footwork Revolution & Katsy Leeman
    USA Reining Amateur

  • Smart Tinseltown & Shelby Clausen
    7&Up Non Pro L 4-1, Non Pro, Int. Non Pro

  • Boom Sail Whiz & Kelsey Delaplaine
    Nov. Horse NP, Show 2

  • Chromed Olena & Graycen E Hess
    Ltd. NP, Show 2

  • Walks With Swagger & James Windham
    Nov. Horse NP, Show 2

  • Guns R Spooky & Madison T Gustin
    Rookie L1&2

  • Light M Up & Stephanie Johnson
    Rookie L1&2

  • Smart Zone & Jennifer Flanagan
    USA Para Reining Grade 2

  • Smokin N Tinseltown & Cullen Santino Le Roy
    USA Para Reining Grade 4, NRHA Para Reining

  • Pinstripe Benz & Cole Jakobs
    USA Para Reining Grade 3

  • Better Not Rest & Madison Rafacz
    Green Reiner 1&2

  • The Boominator & Hannah Mitchell
    Collegiate Championship

  • Chexouthisreminic & Kendall Lynn Wigen
    Short Stirrups

  • Jeans N Reeboks & Terri June Granger
    Unrestricted Youth

  • Custom Spook & Luca Fappani
    Youth 13 & Under

  • My Nu Mercedes Rox & McKinnon Larcombe
    Youth 14-18