June 15th - 23rd, 2019
Oklahoma City, OK


Display Information
Presentation: Each booth display must be consistent with to the size of the assigned space and may be up to 8’ in height at the back. Vendors may not, without consent from NRHA at the time of contracting the vending space, construct high side walls or display merchandise in such a way that obstructs the view of adjacent display spaces. All aisles and building exits must be kept free of product, displays, etc., at all times. Any displays with unattractive or unfinished portions exposed, including at the rear or sides, must be acceptably covered at the Vendor’s expense to the satisfaction of NRHA. Assigned space must provide enough room for Vendor personnel.

Display Installation
All Vendors will be notified of assigned move-in and move-out times. All exhibits must be in place by 6:00pm on Sunday, June 23, 2018 or your space will be forfeited without any refund and NRHA shall have the right to utilize such space in any manner. Displays must adhere to any government, Fire Marshall and facility regulations and requirements.

Display Removal
No part of a display will be allowed to be dismantled, packed, or leave the trade show areas prior to the conclusion of the final class on Sunday, July 1st. Any Vendor who violates this rule may, at the sole discretion of NRHA, not be invited to participate in future events. All Vendors must be vacated on Sunday, July 1st by 6:00 pm. Vendors are responsible for leaving the space in its original condition; any damage occurring to facility from the erecting, existence or dismantling of a display will be the liability of the Vendor.

Fire Marshall Rules and Regs
Fire Regulations: Vendors will abide by all State, County, and venue fire regulations. All decorative materials must be flame retardant, no flammable gases, open flames, tents, or tarps are permitted. Vendors in the Barn areas must strictly adhere to these regulations; red rosin construction grade paper and cheesecloth are the only acceptable items used to cover stalls and no two continuous stalls can be covered. Indoor vehicle / trailer displays must have at least one battery cable disconnected, fuel tank openings shall be sealed and tanks shall be less than 1/8 full.

Shipment Info
All shipments must be arranged through the official event decorator. Neither the facility nor NRHA can accept, or be responsible, for shipments. Pre-Show Shipments: Shipments to be received prior to the show should be arranged with the official show decorator. Drayage Forms are available on NRHADerby.com and must be completed for all boxes received prior to show dates. During Show Shipments: (shipments received June 23 – July 1) should be shipped via UPS and Fed Ex to 333 Gordon Cooper Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73107. USPS does not deliver to the Coliseum and should be avoided in order to receive in a timely manner. Shipments must be clearly addressed to your company name (as indicated on the Application above), along with a cell phone number. Packages will be delivered to the Trade Show Office (Located in the Coliseum, Room #3) and will be transported by Tradeshow Management Staff to your booth unless other arrangements have been made.

  • Tradeshow Application

  • Sales Tax Info
    All vendors must provide their Oklahoma Sales Tax permit on this application. If you do not provide this information to the NRHA as requested, state law requires you to remit your sales tax and tourism levy to the Oklahoma Tax Commission within 15 days following the event (check payable to Oklahoma Tax Commission).